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Paula Joyce Designs
Internationally Shown Artist • Top-Rated Radio Show Host


Photo-1-300x225Most of my commissions are on silk and other fabrics but can be as varied as upholstery and metal. I especially enjoy painting on constructed items because I can create a seamless design that complements the flow of the item, whether it be a garment or a piece of furniture. I can update something that you already own or create a design from scratch. What I paint is as varied as your needs and desires. Some examples are:

  • An abstract silk painting to represent the meaning of the author’s book (Jackie Waldman)
    A woman’s white cotton jacket and dress updated in purples and blues
    A silk fabric design in blue, green and white for Mary McFadden Couture
    A woman’s chiffon float to match the colors of the owner’s website (Marsha Clark)
    A long silk scarf to match a specific outfit
    A silk scarf to express the personality of the owner
    A chuppah to complement the couple’s ketubah and synagogue windows
    A tallis for a Bat Mitzvah girl
    A wall hanging to fit into a 60’s style home décor
    A set of upholstered dining room chairs
    A maid of honor silk dress with matching jacket and scarf


Inspiring Joy Attire

I will paint your soul colors on the clothing of your choice – either something you provide or one of my silk pieces. Click here to see samples! When you wear your Inspiring Joy attire, you will:

  • Feel the joy of your soul
    Attract good luck and opportunity
    Achieve more than you ever thought possible